Partial Solar Eclipse of January 06

Once every 19 years, there's a long gap between total lunar eclipses; this occurs because of the geometry of the positions of the Earth, sun and moon.

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This means that the next total lunar eclipse won't happen until But there will be several other eclipses before then. The only other lunar eclipse of will take place on July 16, but North America will miss out on the show. Coincidentally, July 16 will also mark the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 , the first crewed mission to land on the moon.

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Then, will see four penumbral eclipses. The term "penumbral" refers to a situation in which the moon just skirts into the lightest part of the Earth's shadow, meaning the eclipse is just barely visible. The first pair of these eclipses on Jan.

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Then, on Nov. The long wait for another total blood moon eclipse will finally end on May 26, , when Asia, Australia and the Pacific will get a beautiful view, according to another NASA web page. That eclipse will happen at moonset in the Americas, so there won't be very much to see there. All eclipse calculations are by Fred Espenak, and he assumes full responsibility for their accuracy. Some of the information presented on this web site is based on data originally published in:.

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Solar Eclipse Page eclipse. Solar Eclipses: Past and Future The following links give information on all eclipses of the Sun and Moon from through the current year. Decade Solar Eclipse Tables: - - - - - - - - - - Solar Eclipses on Google Maps: - - - - - - - - - - World Atlas of Solar Eclipse Maps: Index Page - - - - - - - - - - North America Solar Eclipse Maps: - Index Page NASA Solar Eclipse Bulletins - NASA Technical Publications for Eclipses from to Solar Eclipses: - The table below lists every solar eclipse from through Click on any of the following values to link to additional information or maps: Calendar Date - link to global map showing eclipse visibility TD of Greatest Eclipse - link to animation of the Moon's penumbral and umbral shadows across Earth Eclipse Type - link to Google Map of eclipse path Saros Series - link to table of all eclipses in this the Saros cycle Central Duration - link to table of geographic coordinates for the path of a total, annular or hybrid eclipse Geographic Region of Eclipse Visibility - link to detailed description of an eclipse from RASC Observer's Handbook The Key to Solar Eclipse Table contains a detailed description of each item in the table.

America, Iceland Jul 01 Partial 0. America Mar 20 Total 1. America, n S. It's an event that happens only 13 times per century. The next Transit of Merucry occurs on November 13, The sun is obscured by the moon during an annular solar eclipse in Tokyo, Japan. It never gets dark and you have to use solar filter safety glasses throughout the event. However, even some eclipse-chasers give such 'minor' eclipses a miss.

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Delcourte, P. The moon will be partially eclipsed on July 16, Getty. Jamie Carter.

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