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Let him go. As lame and cheesy as this sounds, I loved him the moment we kissed. Made for an amazingly awkward first kiss lol. We do literally everything together — down to watching each other take shits. We are totally comfortable. Our conversations are always stimulating and intellectual. I am never annoyed and never bored. The sex is always amazing, and always extremely passionate. I totally agree! I have been knowing my aquarius man for almost 2 years. We were cordial friends at first. We started talking more deeply about 3 months ago and we have the best chemistry ever.

We had sex for the very first time about a month ago, and OMG!!! He supports me and everything. His lips are perfect.

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He do be hot and cold from time to time but I know so I get it. And by the 3rd day of no communication, he will definitely call or text or both, but he would end of letting me know what was what and then have a deep conversation. But I love the way he gets lost while looking into my eyes, it really turns me on! He is a flirter and so am I. You just have to dance to their music. U mite feel like its catering it really is by then you have falling in love with him.

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You guys all sound hopelessly in love. I am a Libra woman… honestly I met my Aquarius man in a club lol we just clicked instantly… I really like him a lot but he is always busy in the beginning we were friends than he asked me out but now he is so distant, is this normal? Are you still with him? Did you wait? We knew instantly we were meant to be, and we were right! I have an Aquarius love interest but we only have known each other a few weeks. He laid it on hot and heavy after realizing that we had a lot in common. We spent a weekend together which was disastrous because we were intimate one night then his kids came over and had fun and we bonded, to getting food poisoning which made the Aquarius man so sick to embarrassment!

I am a Libra and we had a strong intellectual connection and physical attraction and the Aquarius is 12 years older and a divorcee with kids and I am 37 with no kids never married. The Aquarius wanted at one time to plan a future and on departure wanted to see me again…. I feel sad and heartbroken because I am in love with the Aquarius…. Libra you broke his heart. I am an Aquarius man and I know exactly how he feels. He is so embarrassed that his pride wont let u hurt him like that again.

How dare u say that to him.

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His embarrassment level is at all time high and he wont let u make him feel like that ever again. If he comes back its because he wakes up yearning for you in the night and he cant fight his thoughts for u anymore. Why on earth would you say something so insensitive and dumb. I am have an Aquarius moon I would think if you are that selfish, and insensitive who needs you.

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Sorry best of luck. Were always laughing and we say were best friends and lovers. He likes to down play our relationship but I know he loves me. The Aquarius man loves to workout and is very friendly. Good or bad. Like if he has been faithful in past relationships… ouch. Just try to live in the moment with him and enjoy your time together. The Aquarius will totally shut you down if you push him into a serious relationship. I have to keep it cool to keep him in my life.

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I feel like he really does like to know you love him and are loyal to him. I feel like I never have enough time with him. That sounds crazy if he truly loves and want you he should always show you.

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I am a Libra woman with a Aquarius man. I require certain things from any man that I date Aquarius or no Aquarius.

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I have leaned one thing from Aquarius men , if you let them always run the relationship they will run it right in the hole. Get a back bone and let him know what you want out of that relationship. You should able to talk about anything. My Aquarius man respects my opinions and he always want to know how I feel. That is because in the beginning I told he that is what I need in a relationship. There is no way in the world I would tolerate that behavior.

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My Aquarius broadcasts his feelings for me across Facebook loudly and proudly. I think you may have more feelings for him than he does you. Do you want to find out more about your star sign? Well this is the perfect app for you! Download the Hora app and know more about your sign! Inside: Kornerstones- Birchmount Ave. Masse nytt i butikken! Berhubung aku berzodiak Sagittarius pengen cobain dong, Eh baunya enyaaak banget Wanginya tuh flawless menurutku, walopun agak nyengat yah karena ada kandungan Alcoholnya sist..

Tp, ga nyengat parah, cuma pas kalo kita nyium langsung aja di tangan yg bekas spray parfum.. Favorite Astrology Quote: "You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here.

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